Sunn O)))

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Sunn O)))

Hooded dronemeisters Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson are back in town with the rest of their drone/doom crew for a set of devastatingly heavy, loud and hypnotic chords. The slow, crushing rise and fall of Sunn O)))’s rhythms has an awesome physical impact and makes for an unforgettable live presence. 


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There's nothing else quite like a Sunn 0))) concert - think endless amounts of smoke, robed guitarists and low-end so loud, slow and thick that it feels like the sound is a tangible object in the room.  The light show was fantastic on Wednesday, deep colours illuminating the monolithic speaker stack behind the band in the otherwise, nigh-on pitch black room - there was a particular moment where the stage was lit with blue and strong lights appeared at the back of the stage; for a few seconds it genuinely felt like some ancient creature was being summoned from the very depths by the unholy music.

I've seen the band around half a dozen times, although never in quite such rarefied surroundings as the RFH, and it was up to their usual high standards (although I managed to escape without the usual tinnitus) - a real experience in the nexus between performance art and doom metal.