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Tame Impala
Tame Impala

The Australian psych gang hit Ally Pally

Kevin Parker’s psychedelic rock gang are coming back to London early next year for a huge show, where you’ll hear epic workouts from their new Top Five album ‘Currents’, 2012’s excellent ‘Lonerism’ and their debut long-player ‘Innerspeaker’, which first set out their woozy world of driving, fuzz-encrusted, psychedelic rock and tripped-out pop and nodded to the likes of Blue Cheer, Dungen and Cream. Very groovy, maaan.


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Realistically this was the best gig that I've ever been to except for the Foo Fighters' Broken Leg Tour. I'm not exactly a live music fiend so there's not a huge list of gigs to compare it to, but my friends who are have said the same of it. The sheer scale of the acid trip atmospherics was stunning. Being on something would have made it spectacular. Maybe even Oracular Spectacular - yes, Tame Impala are kind of an aftershock of MGMT mixed with Skizzard Glizzard and the Lizard Wizard (or whatever the heck it is that they call themselves), but they are also more sonically expansive, capable of explosive electro-pump anthems that get the mosh going as well as weirdly romantic, 50s croons that have people holding up their lighters in the air and shedding single tears in memory of a short-lived relationship that they had while off on holiday in Greece that they have now, ten years on, mythologised beyond all recognition, to the point that it is now just Homer's The Iliad except for the part about the big horse, which has been replaced by a ten-seater banana boat. 

This review has moved tangentially beyond the stage at which it can be reasonably expected to get better. My lasting memory of the gig is queuing up and missing the first fifteen minutes of the set - the thudding beats of 'Let it Happen', the biggest tune of their latest album Currents, were just about audible  - for a beer which I did not need, already being hammered after a six pack of Red Stripe downed on the terraces of Alexandra Palace, and which was promptly spilled upon entering the main gig's giant arena by the crowd's collective writhing to Lonerism popper 'Elephant'. 

'Eventually' was the largest track of the night, with the whole stage bursting into psychedelic bliss in a blaze of smoke*, flashing lights, mushroom-trippy visuals and those paper petal things.  

8/10, would go to see them again. If I'd have been on a cocktail of coke and MD instead of just the legal intoxicant ethanol. it would undoubtedly have been a 10. 

*just dry ice though, really