The Chalk Legend

Mark Forkgen conducts London Concert Choir, Kokoro, Dorset Youth Orchestra, Ealing Youth Orchestra, Twyford C of E High School Chamber Choir, and Heath Mount School Choir, with Erica Eloff (soprano), Toby Stafford-Allen (baritone) and actors from Drama Centre London, John Williams's Olympic Fanfare; Berlioz's 'Royal Hunt and Storm' from 'The Trojans'; Stephen McNeff's 'The Chalk Legend'. London Concert Choir presents 'The Chalk Legend' (a community-based music and dance event by Stephen McNeff, given in promenade performance in an unusual venue. The fertile landscape of Dorset conceals secrets from a dark time when Viking hordes pillaged the coast. When one of these secrets is suddenly unearthed during preparations for 2012, a promise made over a thousand years ago is kept… and a prophecy fulfilled.)


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