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An important act of the ’80s and early ’90s, That Petrol Emotion were a Northern Ireland-via-London band whose varied alternative rock sound developed on post-punk and pointed towards the poppier, dance-influenced grooves of the Madchester scene. The group played a few reunion gigs in the last decade, including an All Tomorrow's Parties festival. Now four fifths of the original TPE are back, and playing new material as The Everlasting Yeah.


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this journalist would probably prefer to watch talentless pretty boys not playing guitar on X Factor than give guys with a great track record a chance to show us why we loved them 1st time around music isn't about age its about producing good music - but seems the music press follows fashion not sound! - hence why my band is called 'Wearenotkool' please dont list us anytime soon! tom

Very odd article. The original was clearly very unfair and misjudged. You've changed because people have complained, but then left a little dig in. I'm a journalist so I can imagine the conversations that were going on here behind the scenes. But to leave that dig in was really harsh. This looks like a real mess of a preview for a band whose members have a formidable track record of being anything but drossy retro rock.

Right, so Ive been reading your listings for this week in London town and not one of the reviews have ANY negative comments about ANY of the acts that are playing - Bruno Mars has charisma, Crosby Stills & Nash are influential, Jay-Z has big balls, Damo Suzuki is legendary etc - therefore why write something so inanely fucking stupid and ageist about The Everlasting Yeah. Whether you like it or not they have pedigree and they deserve better than this. I can only extrapolate that the author has some sort of personal prejudice with these guys. Lose the last line of this review and get the intern who wrote this to apologise to the band ..

Narrow minded and petty comments . Why not just stick to the facts ? Your clearly not a journalist and it becomes apparent why there is no name . Get a grip !

They are from Derry, they will be pulling strokes not reading time out quotes Talking Foyle psycho blues meets The Stooges in London Town. Everlasting yeahs from the country that loves to say NO Book your ticket

"They could be in danger of churning out reliable but drossy retro-rock" They could also be in danger of churning out something incredible. They could also be in danger of trying to create something positive. Unlike the author of this pathetic, back sliding nonsense. This grudging re write of an earlier travesty radiates frustration and resentment. I feel sorry for the still anonymous author.

....churning out reliable but drossy retro-rock. Very obviously there's still extremely limited amount of information available to you. I suggest you come to the show and meet the Dads, who will blow you away. And then you can apologise personally for a "summary" which is embarrassingly clueless and only adds to the fact, that you guys at TO can't be taken seriously anymore.

Lazy journalism lazy rhetoric so cynically dismissive of a new and very fine band with a great pedigree based on biased ageist propaganda. Maybe Time Out journos only give bands good previews when there are music biz freebies and perks involved ? Maybe they can't think for themselves unless and until there is some music insider to help schmooze unknown bands into their affections. Very poor show go see, listen and fall in love

The new piece is an improvement, but why no name on this or the original piece. Time Out may have evolved into a free magazine, but there are no excuses for the deplorable drop in journalistic standards, something I for one intend to raise with the publisher.

I would love to know what your comment is based on, have you actually seen the band live? I for one have and can tell you for a fact that they kick ass live and are in no way living out their Clash fantasies. They are if anything trying to weld together a host of influences to actually come up with something Interesting and different from the majority of mediocre run of the mill bands. Come on defend your comment, I DARE YOU?

So Mr. Anonymous, let me enlighten your pointless cluelessness - The Everlasting Yeah is a band you never have seen. That means you talk crap. Apart from the forementioned fact that they are musical legends from two legendary bands, let me ensure you - they are pretty cool Dads. And they will still be important, loved and inspirational when they are Grand-Dads while you'll be desperately waiting for One Direction to re-unite so you can announce it on Time Out Puddletown. People from all over Europe are coming to see them perform on the 12th and guess why....because this show will be an astounding impact of magnificent music to hear, see and feel, a night of most talented, individual and lasting soundbeauty that will prove you a poor liar.

Ah, yeah - silly me. As soon as you become a dad and are no longer in the group from your younger days you're no longer entitled to want to make music any more. Music's just for the teenage wannabies on the X-Factor right? Silly me. Seriously now. This band contains four-fifths of one of the best live bands from the 80s/90s (and an Undertone if you want to go back further). That's some pedigree. As The Everlasting Yeah they've done a few gigs and not made an official release so far. Hence Mr No-Name/No-Mark writer, I'm puzzled how you can come to such an agesit and quite frankly offensive and wide-of the-mark conclusion.

Sadly judging by the small Time Out review we seem to be in a time when pretentiousness is devoid of energy, positivity and wit; replaced with juvenile cynicism as a cheap substitute. Having seen That Petrol Emotion on numerous occasions, the first time being in 1985, I have no doubt that The Everlasting Yeah will have the necessary positive energy to see out the suggested "dad punk rock". I must admit I have read but never purchased a copy of Time Out magazine even in it's heyday, thus confirming what I already knew that the reviews were of no real value.

The Petrols were a fine band, and The Everlasting Yeah follows in that, but strikes me as looser in a good way, more organic, surprising--indeed, just what one wants from a live band. Go see this gig.

If you're young and don't know who TPE were, you should probably ignore the TO review above as the dadist, ageist, twatish nonsense written by something of a cunt (as RP Mcmurphy would have put it). Probably an acne ridden, teenage virgin who just had an argument with their own dad because he didn't tidy his bedroom or feed the cat. What I can tell you is I play a couple of sets at a monthly vinyl-only post-punk / new wave night, playing indie classics and unknowns alike from the 70s to the present day. I always play at least one That Petrol Emotion number as their fantastic guitar melodies and driving bass lines generally make the dance floor explode. And the younger members of the crowd always come up and ask who these tracks were by more than any other band I play. What's more, at the after party last month, I streamed The Everlasting Yeah off YouTube and got the whole room singing along to a song they'd never even heard before! Had to replay it three times! I go to gigs all the time (seen The Horrors, Fuck Buttons (3 times), Swans, Melody's Echo Chamber to name a few in the past weeks) and have tickets coming up for No Joy, Parquet Courts, Alabama Three, Telegram, Peter Hook etc. But I'm looking forward to The Everlasting Yeah's Roundhouse gig as much, if not more so, than any of these. Time to get a real job in McDonalds or somewhere worthy of your talents, Mr Reviewer. As you're obviously a person of few syllables, I've got one of my own for you - Twat!

Is this seriously supposed to be an entertainment listing? Such a cowardly faceless slur. Irrespective of whether you like the band's current or previous incarnations I don't read listings to see ill-informed opinions from nameless, cowardly no-marks. Seriously TimeOut, take a good hard look at yourself if you think it's cool to have smears masquerading as listings on your pages. 5/5 to support the band

Fire the writer. He writes like he didn't really look into or even listen to his subject. Hurried.and juvenile.

What a twat! Go and see them (and listen to them) before making that kind of stupid statement.

From not ashes but the still glowing embers of the great That Petrol Emotion come the Everlasting Yeah who truly reflect rock as it should be played . Not for them 12 bar sludge , minor chord wimpery or cynically conceived festival anthems - nor middle aged Clash fantasies as Timeout jadedly and ignorantly have it . Think instead the excitement of the Stooges or the MC5 ,the angularity of Television or the Gang of Four . Here also lives the ethos of the best German innovators , the kosmische bands and their true vision . Ignore Timeout (re-named Timed out ) and their ill-advised , uninformed , lazy review . Get involved with the Everlasting Yeah at it's birth , get to the Roundhouse , Oct 12 .

Blimey - I didn't think somebody could write only three lines of copy and still possibly be lazy. Can Time Out identify who wrote this nonsense please. Ignore the preview and make your own minds up.

This preview is tosh. Get a clue to what a great band sounds like you twats.

What a ridiculous and ignorant couple of sentences. TPE were the most underated bands of the last 30 years. Thay are all talented, creative musicians and will prove this with TEY

This preview is embarrassing and wholly unnecessary . Uninformed ageist drivel. Surely Time Out can do better than this. 5 stars for some legendary, experienced musicians with some balls. Nil Point for the pointless previewer.

And you are basing this opinion on what exactly? Speaking as an old (is that ok?) Clash AND That Petrol Emotion fan I can safely say that The Everlasting Yeah sound nothing like The Clash but they do sound a shed load better than most of the shite insulting my ears in recent years. So Time Out readers,ignore the above and go to the gig.You won't be disappointed.

So many bands are re-forming now, many to cash in on former successes long past them. The Everlasting Yeah have a fabulous pedigree but are brave enough to start afresh. I won't even call this listing 'journalism',it's uninformed, bigoted, ageist bile. The Five stars are in support of a band with the guts to get back out there and make NEW music, not for the so-called 'preview'. The Clash comment doesn't even make sense for a band born out of The Undertones.

That preview betrays a severe lack of understanding of both Dads and Punk Rock.

That Petrol Emotion was one of the few truly eclectic and adventurous rock bands from the 1980s and early 1990s. They not only wrote more brilliant songs and showed more musicianship and integrity than most of their peers, but also had something to say lyrically. From what I have heard, The Everlasting Yeah works in a similar tradition, but with a slightly different musical perspective that is probably even more adventurous and certainly never resembles The Clash. Sure, they may be dads but what's wrong about that? Perhaps, it's an advantage. Older musicians are no longer obsessed by becoming the next big thing, better understand what they're good at and care less about impressing friends with blunt opinions - like this Time Out "review" (is it a review, really?).

It's apparent you have never heard unadventurous punk-rock. It's apparent you have never heard The Everlasting Yeah. And if you have, you don't know anything about music. So what are you doing here anyway?

WTF! Now that is not at all encouraging to any band! You should be ashamed for this pointless "review". What are you basing it on? I for one am really looking forward to this gig and by the looks of the other comments there are a lot of others who don't give a pair of fetid dingo's kidneys for this "review"

Utter nonsense, The Everlasting Yeah play with an energy that put bands half their age to shame, here's a band that aren't trading off former glories but writing some of the best material of their career, "unadventurous punk rock"? have you actually heard them? because the gig they played in Oxford late last year was nothing of the sort (oh and attended by an audience ranging from 18-50 many of which didn't even know TPE or even the Undetones but were buzzing of this great "new" band), 2013 has been a fantastic year for music (including Mr Bowie who clearly as a "Dad" of older years shouldn't be making great new music? or does that rule only apply to bands you have it in for?) and it's going to get even better when these guys blow the roof off the Roundhouse next week.

What kind of "listing" is this? Hang your heads in shame, Time Out.

What a load of total rubbish...if you knew the integrity, grit and determination...if you knew the deep rooted love of art and music...if you knew the impact and influence you would reconsider these comments. Music doesn't check IDs...unless you are looking for the next 1D...give art a chance and go and see them.

Time Out ? Time Up more like for that juvenile at best, infantile at worst, piece of unwarranted vitriol. Musicians who have created great music, inspired other bands and musicians deserve better. What have you achieved ? My money is on absolutely nothing. Go and learn to read and write...Stars are for the band, not the erm.. reviewer.

Time Out used to be essential reading in the mid-80s, but now, as an online imposter under the same banner it's a bit like a bunch of hipsters living out their Truman Capote fantasies in the form of unimaginative dismissive comment. As for The Everlasting Yeah, from the little any of us have heard so far they are a vibrant band with sharp lyrics and imaginative melodies. What's not to like? The stars are for the band, not the so-called preview.

What's with the hatchet job? That Petrol Emotion - and the Undertones, don't forget - have been influencing the sort of bands Time Out raves about since befor the intern who probably wrote this was born. If you don't like them, then fine, but can't we at least have an objective review.

Really loving these guys stuff...manic thrilling pop at it's best. Being a punk rock dad is of course...well..It's a good thing.

Bad form to slap in such an ill-informed comment for what is supposedly a throwaway 'preview'. Best really to give these lads a chance to prove how good they still are - which I'm sure they will - before condemning them. Sadly, seems par for the course these days that, largely due to declining print sales in the newspaper/magazine industry, many titles now employ the services of amateurs who are happy to work for nothing or very little, rather than paying people who actually know what they are talking about. Believe me, I know.

Bad form to slap in such an ill-informed comment for what is supposedly a throwaway 'preview'. Best really to give these lads a chance to prove how good they still are - which I'm sure they will - before condemning them. Sadly, seems par for the course these days that, largely due to declining print sales in the newspaper/magazine industry, many titles now employ the services of complete and utter tools who are happy to work for nothing or very little, rather than paying people who actually know what they are talking about. Believe me, I know.

These guys come from That Petrol Emotion and The Undertones... they are brilliant musicians and performers who if they are half as good as their previous bands are so much more than most of the unadventuous tripe out there. Uninformed and lazy journalism at its worst. Oh and come on... how many rockstars have kids?? Dads rock!!!!!

1) Why is this post/preview anonymous/non-attributed? Who does that benefit? How does that help your readers? 2) When did Time Out start allowing ageist discrimination from their own staff? Looking forward to your next Nick Cave review. 3) What's this preview based on? 'Clash fantasies'? That's insane! You're allowed to not rate or enjoy it - but if you're clueless you shouldn't be allowed to write these previews. I'm assuming TO threw this preview to the intern & the sub-ed is on holiday. We (your audience) deserve better. These musicians deserve some respect, an apology & a proper preview written by somebody with a clue.

What a useless review. Did no journalists turn up for work that day so you sent the cleaner?

Considering Damian O'Néill co-wrote John Peel's favourite song of all time, the 'previewer' can go directly to obscurity without passing 'Go'...

What a gratuitously unfair and just plain nasty listing. Pointless and cynical. I'd encourage people to ignore this uninformed bollocks and get themselves along to the Roundhouse.

With lazy journalism like that this reviewer should go work with The Mail. He'd fit in nicely there with the week they had.

Is this the kind of lazy rubbish we can expect now Time Out has became a free magazine. That would be a shame.

what a nasty, pointless and spiteful review. And written before the band has even played a full gig. Hopefully you'll have the opportunity to eat your words - just as publicly - on October 13th. Perhaps then you will also have the backbone to put your name to it.

Meow! I am assuming that the journalist paid to write this section walked away from their desk and an inane intern jumped in and typed the insulting ageist rubbish above. Just tell us who they are, where it is and let us make up our own minds without the catty comments.

Who wrote this? Stop being a coward and come out and stand by your words. That Petrol Emotion are one of the most influential bands of that decade or any other. Fact. New music by the members of that band is actually exciting news to a great many people, not only in the UK and Ireland, but to many fans across Europe, and over here in the US. Also, is it not a thing of beauty to feel inspired to make music at any point in life? Your review is uninformed, ageist, hateful, hurtful, negative, dismissive, disrespectful, and ultimately really childish. I didn't know that TimeOut were hiring writers straight out of secondary school these days. Honestly, your words say more about you, than anyone or anything else. Go see this show people, I wish I could.

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