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14 reasons Londoners love the NHS

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Time Out London contributors

As NHS celebrates its 70th birthday Londoners share their memories of the iconic institution

‘I was born premature at 24 weeks with my twin sister. We were in the ICU for a month and wouldn’t be alive today without the doctors at St George’s. Multiple ops as a baby, a couple now I’m older, and all is well. God bless the NHS.’ Daniel Clark

‘My husband had a heart attack two years ago. Within two hours he had a stent fitted to clear a blocked artery and within four months he had a triple bypass. The care he had was fantastic, we can never thank the staff enough for all the care and dedication.’ Sharon Smith

‘My children suffered the usual childhood accidents plus croup, asthma attacks and appendicitis. On every occasion the NHS was amazing and the nurses in particular were so fantastic.’ Karen Patricia Lowe

‘Had cancer twice. NHS cured me twice. Still here alive and kicking. Father, twice over. Immeasurably indebted... twice.’ Julian Cousins

‘I had an aneurysm in October 1970. A top neurosurgeon did two ops on me to pin it and here I am, 47 years later, still enjoying life, all thanks to our marvellous NHS.’ Neville Blythe

‘My baby went listless and his face turned blue. Within seconds an ambulance was there and he was rushed in. He had severe gastric flu and was kept in overnight. We will never forget how fantastic everyone was.’ Rachel Lampen 

‘Newham University hospital helped deliver my baby safely on NYE after my liver started to fail and there was a danger for me and baby. Couldn’t have asked for kinder nurses, midwives and doctors during a stressful delivery.’ Kayleigh Hartigan

‘My daughter wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the wonderful care she received in 1995 from the experts in the Special Care Baby Unit of our hospital. They saved her life when she suddenly stopped breathing at just an hour old. Three weeks of specialist care later I took her home. So grateful to the excellent NHS.’ Louise Swinburne

‘When I was four I had a brain tumour, which was the size of an orange by the time it was found. I had it removed at Great Ormond Street Hospital, where I have just got a job! I’m so excited to pay back the hospital which cared for me so well.’ Catherine Kidd

‘My son was born 17 weeks early and weighed just 1lb. He turned two this year and to give something back for what they did, I became a governor of UCLH [University College London Hospitals] where he was born.’ Gareth Long

‘The NHS is the best thing that ever happened to this country, I’ve worked in it for the majority of my life and the staff that run it are dedicated beyond belief. It’s absolutely amazing and it should never be privatised.’ Sarah Smith

‘After being very healthy for 39 years the past year hasn’t been great. Constant headaches, abdominal pain and a strange undiagnosed chest pain. All the NHS staff have been amazing. The doctors and nurses in A&E are incredible – they work so hard, they all care so much an do an excellent job. Faultless under so much strain and pressure.’ Garry Hall 

‘Had cancer twice. NHS cured me twice. Still here alive and kicking. Father, twice over. Immeasurably indebted... twice.’ Julian Cousins 

‘Saved my life three times, eternally grateful to the amazing staff that work tirelessly.’ Laura Field 

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