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7 of London’s weirdest and most experimental pizzas

Lisa Wright

Pizzas are simple, right? Circle of dough. Bit of cheese and tomato. Whack on a few toppings. Bish, bash, bosh.

Well, not anymore they aren’t, grandad. 

These days, pizza creation is an increasingly weird science. Gone are the times when pineapple was the most outrageous thing you could ask for; now restaurants across the city are on a mission to create the most eyebrow-raising offerings and pizza-inspired alternatives on the block.

Wanna pizza the action? Head down to these seven eateries to sample their unusual wares...

Vegetable charcoal dough pizza, Zia Lucia

Nope, it’s not burnt, it’s meant to be that colour. Goths across the land, welcome to black pizza dough. 

Cookie pizza, Blondies Kitchen

Inspired by pizza, fuelled by biscuit, this is a duet we can get on board with. 

Breakfast pizza, Radici

A breakfast in three stages, featuring a salmon and cream cheese section, an egg and avocado bit and a prosciutto and mushroom finish. A thing of true beauty.

Oreo pizza, Purezza

Calories, be damned! If you want to follow your savoury slice with a sweet lil’ something, then Purezza’s ludicrously opulent Oreo pizza (three guesses as to what’s on it) is your guy.

Ne voglio sette. Ora. #nofilterneeded

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Vegan doner kebab pizza, Picky Wops

You don’t have to be a meat-fiend to have all the fun anymore. Combining two of life’s greatest treat foods, this vegan doner kebab pizza is a cruelty-free home run. 

Nutella pizza ring, Pizza Pilgrims

Gooey Nutella, encased in warm pizza dough. Like the world’s biggest and best ring doughnut, it’s a combo to rule them all. 

Caesar salad pizza, Homeslice

Ever been caught in a moral quandary between the pizza and salad option? Now you can have both, with this Caesar salad-inspired (read: gem lettuce, parmesan, pancetta and anchovy-topped) affair. 

Want something a bit more normal? Check out London’s best pizzas.

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