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A Festival of Brexit is coming to London. Really.

Andrzej Lukowski
Written by
Andrzej Lukowski

While Theresa May’s recent announcement of a £120 million festival celebrating Britain’s exit from the EU in 2022 has been met with a mix of horror and dumbfoundedness, one plucky theatre appears to have taken the idea and run with it.

Fringe stalwart the Cockpit in central London has announced ‘Festival of Brexit: Inside a Mass Hallucination’. There is no programming yet, but they’re soliciting live performances on the subject running from three minutes to an hour. While there’s clearly a degree of scepticism about the process of Brexit (‘Six months from now we’ll have a deal. It won’t actually be a deal; it will be a joint press release’), the bumpf seems fairly neutral on the actual long-term goal of leaving the EU, so if you have an interpretive dance in praise of Chequers good to go, don’t be scared of being mocked by remoaners.

Arguably it’s a slightly shameless tie-in with current affairs that they wrote on the back of a fag packet over the weekend (‘it will be a random series of events held between now and March next year, rather than an actual festival’), but if that’s not in the spirit of Brexit, then what is?

For more information on the Festival of Brexit – including submission details – see

For more information on the Cockpit Theatre see here.

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