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A night bus with actual beds might be coming to London next year

James Manning

Ever fallen asleep on public transport? Course you have. Long hours and late nights are part of big city living, and we’re all partial to a cheeky bus nap from time to time. But this mattress company has announced that come 2018, it’s planning to revolutionise the snoring-on-the-night-bus experience.

Simba’s ‘Snoozeliner’ is a luxury bus fitted out with 14 comfy sleep pods. Hop aboard, punch in your destination and drift off until the slumber conductor wakes you up in time for your stop. Fares start at £8.50, with each pod featuring storage for your things plus eye masks, noise-cancelling headphones, mineral water, scent infusions, coffee and Vitamin C. Plushy stuff.

The downside? Well, we can think of a few. London night buses, you may recall, tend to evolve rapidly into a fiesta of bodily fluids, fried food and phone tunes – so what’s to stop the Snoozeliner turning into a party bus with extra pillows? (We don’t want to know what could end up happening in those fancy pods.) Then there’s the fact that unless you live in deepest Zone 5, your capable bus driver is generally going to rattle you back there in about 45 minutes, tops – hardly enough time to get comfy.

Oh, and then there’s the minor quibble that the Snoozeliner doesn’t yet and probably will never exist. ‘We know that there will be lots of red tape to wade through,’ Simba says, ‘but are looking forward to firming up meetings with local authorities in the New Year.’ Good luck with that, guys. In the meantime we’ll settle for the night tube.

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