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An adorable family of red river hogs has arrived at London Zoo

Written by
Emma Hughes

Rain or no rain, spring is always a magical time at ZSL London Zoo. But this year it’s looking extra special, thanks to some brand new residents – a family of seven super-cute red river hogs. Ava, Cameron, Pedro, Penny, Phoebe, Shane and Tommy arrived last week from ZSL Whipsnade, London Zoo’s sister property near Luton. 

Red river hogs, also known as bush pigs, are native to Africa and most commonly found in Guinean and Congolian forests near rivers and swamps. They look a bit like wild boar, but with distinctive tufty ears and striped faces. Their favourite things to snack on are monkey nuts – they’re keen on crunching through the shells. 

The ZSL hogs have very different personalities, but they’re all big eaters and love afternoon naps (same, tbh). They’ve been keeping busy ripping apart straw bales and blowing bubbles in their water trough. And as a heartwarming video posted on the zoo’s official Instagram account shows, right now they’re rootling around in piles of woodchips made from old Christmas trees. 

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