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An immersive theatre version of ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ is coming to London

Andrzej Lukowski

Jordan Belfort’s ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ – both his original memoir and the Martin Scorsese film adaptation – were hits because of the sheer vicarious thrill of stock trader Belfort’s outrageous antics on his road to winding up in prison for 22 months for fraud and related crimes.

The film opens with a scene of competitive midget-throwing, and within the first five minutes there’s been a drunken helicopter crash and enough coke snorted to keep a small army awake for a month. This is by no means the nadir of Belfort’s behaviour.

How you translate this into an immersive theatre show that’s even remotely legal we have no idea.

Nonetheless: apparently it’s real. The new project from the creative team behind London’s longest-running immersive theatre show ‘The Great Gatsby’ is a Belfort-endorsed immersive ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ that will begin its run in a TBA central London location from September.

What exactly happens in it remains somewhat opaque at this stage, but apparently it’ll take place in a four-storey building evocative of ‘90s New York, and you can either play as a banker or the FBI (which sounds less fun, albeit potentially more morally acceptable).

Tickets start at a wolfish £59.95, but there will be a ticket lottery distributing £10 and £25 entry, while those with Belfort-sized bank accounts will be able to purchase various add-ons such as a dinner and access to a private bar.

If you’ve been itching to revel in the full-bore amorality of late capitalism while not actively risking jail, it is surely the show for you.

‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ is at a TBA central London location. Sep 5-Jan 19 2020. Tickets from

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