Immersive theatre in London

Step into immersive and interactive theatre worlds with these bold London experiences

Immersive theatre, interactive theatre, site-specific theatre; London is bursting with plays and shows that are more like stepping into a real life adventure than sitting down to watch some stuff happening on a distant stage. Walk through fantasy landscapes; eat and drink with actors; solve puzzles, get chased by the bad guys; help commit a crime – screw VR, you can do all these things and more in the flesh, in London town. 

VIDEO: Get a load of London’s new immersive theatre production Somnai

The Hollow Hotel

Go on a thoroughly eerie horror adventure at this show, inspired by 19th century serial killer H H Holmes's 'murder hotel'. Immersive theatre company differencENGINE have crafted an escape game-style story, as a follow up to their previous shows 'Heist' and 'The People's Revolt'. Ages 18-plus.  

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The Biscuit Factory , Rotherhithe Until Sunday June 17 2018

For King and Country

This immersive game invites audience members to help save Britain, as WWII reaches crisis point. 'For King and Country' is set in 1940, as a secret group of MPs and their family members are forced to make tough decisions about the war's future. It's created by Owen Kingston, and unfolds in Southwark immersive theatre hub CoLab Factory.

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CoLab Factory , The Borough Wednesday May 23 2018 - Sunday June 10 2018

The Murdér Express

Taking place on a glamorous retro steam train, this new immersive adventure sounds more than a little Agatha Christie-inspired. An adventurous widow, a music hall star, a costermonger and an antique dealer are on their way to the French town of (ahem) 'Murdér' - but they could be in real danger. The audience will sit down to a menu composed by two MasterChef finalists as they follow a tale set in the golden age of rail travel. 

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Arch 63 , Bethnal Green Friday May 25 2018 - Sunday September 23 2018

Small Wonders

Hugely hyped immersive theatre company Punchdrunk are the brains behind spectacular shows like 'Masque of the Red Death' and 'The Drowned Man'. More recently, they've turned their hands to inventive kids' shows like 'Against Captain's Orders', a piratical adventure that took over Greenwich Maritime Museum. They're showing off their child-friendly side with this show for LIFT Festival, which is set in Nanny Lacey's flat. She's moving to a care home, but before she goes, she'll show kids the magical miniature creations she's used to house her memories in. Ages five to 11. 

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Bernie Grant Arts Centre , South Tottenham Saturday June 2 2018 - Friday July 13 2018

£¥€$ (LIES)

4 out of 5 stars

Prolific Belgian provocateurs Ontroerend Goed have made their name with interactive, unsettling shows that take apart your brain and put it back together in a completely different order. Their latest show is a game that makes the audience complicit in the financial gambling that caused the global financial crisis, and it's both fascinating and a lot of fun.

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Almeida Theatre , Barnsbury Tuesday July 31 2018 - Saturday August 18 2018

The Curious Voyage

A Canadian theatre company have created 'The Curious Voyage', a new immersive show that costs over a grand. Why's it so spendy? Well for starters, this show last for a whopping three days. Its 36 lucky (and minted) audience members begin the experience at the lakeside city of Barrie, Canada, where they'll follow a trail set by the show's creator Daniele Bartolini. Then, they'll hop on a plane to London, where they'll stay in a boutique hotel and experience more 'artistic encounters', culminating in an immersive production of a famous musical in a secret London location. 

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Secret London location , London Tuesday October 23 2018 - Saturday November 10 2018

Thunderbirds: Beyond the Horizon

Much-loved retro kids' telly stalwarts 'Thunderbirds' have inspired this ambitious immersive sci-fi adventure, which will open new Elephant & Castle venue The Buzz. It brings the '60s series into the present day, with a plot that centres on a cyber attack on Brains' Lab by arch-villain The Hood. Tracy Island will come to life in glorious lifesize 3D (presumably with human actors instead of full-size jointed puppets) in an interactive show that'll welcome both adults and kids. 

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The Buzz , Elephant and Castle Wednesday November 7 2018 - Sunday January 27 2019