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Arcadia returns in 2019 – and we've got early bird tickets onsale

Oliver Keens

Thrill-seekers, gather: the rave behemoth known as Arcadia is returning in 2019 and luckily for any bargain-loving ravers out there, Time Out has got a chance to scoop up some early-bird tickets. 

For those unfamiliar with it, Arcadia is a travelling structure made from all manner of recycled objects which becomes the focus of a massive outdoor party and the plaything of DJs and performers. Arcadia’s main spider structure has been an emblematic fixture at Glastonbury for years, and at its debut London outing, the pyrotechnic-gushing, electricity-spitting awesomeness went down a treat. Now it will be returning to London exclusively in 2019. That’s right: Stratford is officially the new Worthy Farm, folks. Arcadia’s centrepiece – the performance spectacle known as  Metamorphosis – returns, as well as blacked-out indoor experience The Reactor and a roving soundsystem-on-wheels called The Bug.

We chatted to Arcadia’s organisers Pip Rush and Bert Cole to learn more...

How did last year’s first outing at the Olympic Park work out? 
‘It was unforgettable moment and the first time we’d united all our performances and installations in one place. Some people came purely for the shows while others came for the whole day.  Seeing that incredibly vibrant mix of people come together gave the weekend a completely new energy.’

What will Arcadia be like this year? 
‘The spider will be at the heart of the weekend with the Metamorphosis show, a new finale and some really exciting musical collaborations in development. The Reactor is being radically evolved architecturally and sensorially, with a whole new set of hourly performances too. And there’ll be a panoply of new sculptures and installations across the site as well.’

Why won’t Arcadia won’t be at Glasto this year?
‘We absolutely will be – just not with any of our existing shows and installations. We’re starting a new adventure there. We’re currently neck-deep in scrapyards sourcing ridiculously large bits of machinery.’

Do you give the spider anthropomorphic qualities? Like, do you imagine it has an accent?
‘She’s had so many nicknames and is pretty gender-fluid too – some days it feels like a he and others like a she. From the second those jet engines went on as eyes, she became a character. She can look as sheepish as a toddler caught with its hand in the sweet tin or as menacing as an angry alien emperor!’ 

Arcadia London is at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on May 4 and 5 2019. For 48 hours only, tickets for Arcadia are available via Time Out at just £44.44 from here.

And while we're here, let's check out some more epic pictures of Arcadia from last year...


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