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Calling all broke Londoners! This Catford escape room gets you on the property ladder (for 90 minutes)

Lisa Wright
Written by
Lisa Wright

The premise of most escape rooms is to problem-solve your way out of a situation well worth running away from: your classic mad scientist’s laboratory or maniac’s lair, perhaps.

At Catford’s Ninth Life pub, however, they’re inviting you to ‘The Viewing’ and, tbh, you might not actually want to leave.

In the immersive game, you work your way through all manner of fantastical situations – an olden times-y gin palace, a den guarded by something akin to the Cheshire Cat’s evil twin – but there’s one room that’s guaranteed to make the ears of any knackered London perma-renter prick up.

In what is – let’s face it – the most unlikely section of the whole evening, you meet estate agent Morgan Turnkey. The premise? He’ll help you become a fully fledged property owner (if only for the duration of the 90-minute experience).

Yeah, we know it’s not real. Yeah, we know it’s just a game. But, breathe it in… doesn’t that feel good? Oh, what? We didn’t solve the escape room in time? Aw shucks, maybe we’ll just have to stay…

Find out more about ‘The Viewing’ here.

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