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Photograph: Shutterstock

Deliveroo riders reveal their favourite places to cycle in London

Very good roads

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Kate Lloyd

Who knows London's cycle lanes and shortcuts better than anyone else in the city? Bike couriers and takeaway riders, that's who. While many of us have spent the past year looping the same route around our neighbourhood again and again, like hamsters in a giant wheel, they've been racing through streets across town, getting all our lockdown impulse purchases to us on time. Who better then, to ask about the best bits of London to cycle in? To suggest the roads that feel special to peddle down even when you've got someone else's McDonald's in tow?

We asked Deliveroo riders to tell us the best bits of London to bike in. Hopefully their answers – from inner city haunts for night riders to pretty parks and dramatic tourist attractions – will provide you with inspiration for your own future rides. 

1. The City

'My favourite place to ride is between Cannon Street and Monument station. I love the high buildings and smooth roads, and the City is almost completely empty now that offices are closed. I also love to ride from Bishopsgate towards Monument; there’s lots of space for tricks and fast cycling.' Alena Cejkova

2. Piccadilly

'It’s on a lovely street going down at an angle so you can pick up a bit of speed for a fast, but smooth delivery.' Travis Haymen

3. Richmond Park 

'I love the ring round around Richmond Park – it’s nice and wide and lined with beautiful buildings. There are loads of cyclists too; we very much own the road.' Misha Halliday

4. Trafalgar Square roundabout

'It's a lot less intense now that everyone’s in lockdown, so you get that big city feeling but without all the tourists and pedestrians buzzing about.' Harry Tran

5. London Bridge

'You get stunning views of Tower Bridge at night reflected across the Thames and you have the mighty Walkie Talkie and Shard craning over you whilst you're cycling to your next delivery. It feels epic, especially at night.' Jonny Fey

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