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Dom's Subs
Photo: Dom's Subs

Dom’s Subs has a new restaurant in the bloody City

East London sarnie kingpins are spreading further afield

By Joe Mackertich

The guys behind Dom’s Subs (only one of whom is actually called Dom btw) will always be ‘all right by me’. This is because they named their first café after one of my favourite novels. A unique and unexpected way to curry favour with the editor of Time Out? Maybe, and it certainly paid off for them in the end. They’re doing exciting collabs with Carhartt and I’m sat in my kitchen writing about them. Like a loser.

It was only a matter of time before Dom and Greg outgrew their Hackney Road digs. To try their sarnies is to love them. They simply need more outlets to shift their meaty, saucy treasures. To underline this arch-capitalist, expansionist ethos the boys have in fact opened their new branch in the actual City of London. Inside the husk of a former branch of Subway, on Bevis Marks, to be precise. 

Dom's Subs
Photo: Dom's Subs

‘We’re just in the soft opening stage at the moment, just doing walk-ins, noon until three, for this week while we get a feel for it,’ Greg Boyce told Time Out. ‘But saying that we are very excited with the new space. We’ve wanted to have a dedicated sandwich shop for many, many years and it feels really good. Tried to keep the vibes of Lanark coffee and the late great Visions while giving it a bit of its own identity. Food will be amazing and service will be sketchy as always!’

To further stress how nice Dom’s Subs’ subs are: I literally just ordered myself one for lunch as a result of writing this post. To think about the sandwich is to want the sandwich. Good luck at Big School, lads.

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