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flying ant day
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Flying Ant Day hit London – here’s how the capital coped

Another reason to stay at home

Laura Richards

If 2020 hadn’t already had you feeling like you’re living in an apocalypse movie, yesterday’s happenings might have changed that. Because a figurative swarm of locusts descended on London on Sunday (July 12). Luckily, it wasn’t the end of the world in the biblical sense. Instead it was Flying Ant Day: the one day of the year when queen ants emerge from their nests surrounded by male ants to form new colonies and get a bit jiggy. 

The phenomenon is an annual and unpredictable event triggered by weather and humidity, which is how it catches out unsuspecting Londoners each and every time. Although, one upside to this year’s creepy-crawly outbreak was the extra level of PPE on standby.

Here’s how Londoners reacted to Flying Ant Day 2020...   

While the little blighters seem to have disappeared now, all we can say is: stay alert, London. 

More news for nature lovers: Lambeth Country Show is going virtual.

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