Free helicopter ride can help you commute from Brighton to Battersea in 30 minutes

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Katie McCabe

If you’re a daily Brighton to London commuter (godspeed, you sleepy soul), you’ll have experienced the soul-crushing pain of the Thameslink delay. And things got even more intense along the route this week thanks to the introduction of a new train timetable that caused ‘Meltdown Monday’, which looked every bit as stressful as it sounds.

All those sandwiched commuters were left staring at flickering ‘DELAYED’ signs, wishing someone would pluck them from the platform and whisk them into London. Now, an energy drink called Carabao is offering to make that daydream a reality. 

In a move that’s part promo, part fun trolling of Southern Rail, Carabao is giving out free helicopter rides for commuters this week, lifting off from Brighton City Airport and landing in Battersea. Flights are running from Wednesday to Friday, and to grab a seat, you’ll have to follow the brand’s Twitter account for check-in announcements and share a post using the #CarabaoCopterSOS hashtag. Entries close this Wednesday at 6pm. 

The whole journey takes around 30 minutes, during which you can take in some pretty jaw-dropping bird’s eye views of the Green Belt and of London landmarks as you propel into the capital. The helicopter flies a lot closer to the ground than a regular aeroplane, so you can see London looking like a little Lego universe, and peer into back gardens to try and figure out which London boroughs have the most swimming pools. 

The best part? Instead of passive-aggressively asking people ‘can you move down please?’ you get to start your commute by shouting ‘GET TO THE CHOPPER’. 

Prefer to take the tube? Check out this interactive London Underground map.

Missed out on a free flight? Zip wire across the London skyline instead

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