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Gingerline has a new ‘multi-dimensional dining’ show coming to London next month

Andrzej Lukowski
Written by
Andrzej Lukowski

No sooner have immersive dining gurus Gingerline wound down their globe-trotting previous show ‘The Grand Expedition’ than they announce an even more ambitious new one is on its way: ‘Chambers_’.

This latest escapade casts audience members as intrepid dimensional explorers travelling throughout the multiverse to get a bite to eat. As ever, we won’t know a huge amount about the show until we step inside it, but it sounds like the general idea is that each of the many rooms within the secret location that houses ‘Chambers_’ represents a different point in time and space, and you’ll get a different course in each. You are cast in the role of the sort of nutty gastronaut who would go to these lengths in the name of extreme eating; and to compound the boldness of your culinary quest, we are reliably informed that there are malign beings out in the wilds of time and space looking to stop you.

Tickets start from £55 and include five courses, a palate cleanser, a welcome drink, plus two hours of exploration of the five dining dimensions.

‘Chambers_’ is at a secret London location. Jul 12-Aug 31. Buy tickets here.

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