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Good news: commutes in London are shorter than those in most European capitals

Written by
Stephanie Phillips

Think your commute to work is the absolute worst? Well, a recent study has found Londoners actually have one of the shortest commutes compared to what goes on in other major European capitals. Hooray for us. 

The findings might not make the sweaty depths of the Central line any more bearable, but according to journey-planning app Moovit, the average Londoner’s trip to work takes a (relatively) brief 45 minutes.

That’s less time spent facing into another person’s armpit than in Athens (47 minutes), Paris (49 minutes) and Rome (52 minutes). Only Berliners had more reason to celebrate as the study found journeys there take 43 minutes on average.

When it comes to national comparisons, though, you can pick back up where you left off – mid-complaint – because the research also revealed that Londoners have the longest commutes in the country, compared with Birmingham (44 minutes), Scotland (39 minutes) and the South West (34 minutes).

There’s more bad news. The report revealed that 5 per cent of commuters in London and the South East travel for more than two hours to get to work, while London is also home to the most two-hour-or-more journeys in Europe. 

So maybe your commute is the absolute worst after all. 

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