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Greggs has shared the recipe for its famous steak bake

Written by
Laura Richards

As the song goes, you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. It’s probably a lyric you’ve had running through your head for various reasons since you began your life in lockdown. And one of those reasons is surely piping hot baked goods.

The nationwide purveyor of warm pastries, Greggs, might have shut the doors to its branches at the end of March, but it’s now treating fans across the country to some seriously hot stuff: the recipes to recreate its famous bakes at home. 

Greggs first released a video on its social media channels to show fans how to make its sausage, bean and cheese melt at home, but the people weren’t content with that. They demanded one thing and one thing only. And so Greggs have done the honourable thing and followed up with a video demo of how to make the meat-in-pastry miracle that is the steak bake in your own kitchen.

It’s not the most precise recipe going (how much meat is your call, we guess), but the video should help you cook along at home if you’re gagging for some hand-sized pie action. 


Finely diced beef
Beef stock
Cornflour (or flour) mixed with water
Puff pastry 
One egg


1. Sizzle the beef in a frying pan until browned
2. Pour on the beef stock and the cornflour mix. Thicken to taste and leave to cool.
3. Cut two pieces of pastry, 108mm x 94mm. Egg wash the edges. 
4. Spoon on your filling. Pop the top on and fork the edges. Score six lines and egg wash it.
5. Stick in the oven for 20 minutes at 200C, or until golden brown and piping hot. 

So there you have it: steak bake greatness is really that simple. 

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