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How to navigate buying presents on Oxford Street on Christmas Eve – solved by a former SAS soldier

By Sirin Kale

Dante named nine circles of hell, but I think he left one out: Oxford Street on Christmas Eve. If you’re a last-minute kind of person, follow these tips to extract yourself from Christmas shopping hell, with sanity intact. Stay safe, move fast and next year, do your shopping online. Former SAS soldier Ollie Ollerton tells us how to get the job done fast and well...

‘A worthy combatant takes time to prepare for their mission, which will make sure they return home victorious. Define what you need and where to get it before you deploy. When on Oxford Street, 70 percent of your enemies will be complicating the process by using mobile phones. Ensure yours is securely stowed, allowing you to have all senses firing. Walk with conviction and allow nothing to disrupt your presence. Domination is key to mission success. Debrief once you leave the battlefield, cross-referencing your plan against the execution. Once extracted, Oxford Street is not somewhere you want to return to until 2018.’

Ollie is the CEO of Breakpoint.

Need inspiration for the perfect last-minute prezzie? We’ve got you covered with our immense Christmas gift guide.

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