Kevin Hart from ‘Night School’ reveals his weird college nickname

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Ju Shardlow

Many of us had strange nicknames in school. None more so than Kevin Hart, star and producer of new comedy ‘Night School’, who reveals his peers called him ‘Flip’ due to wearing oversized shoes. 

The star tells us, ‘I wore sneakers that were too big because the girls would see them and think: Oh my god, you know what that means.’ Sounds like the end result was pretty unsuccessful: ‘They were flipping off all over the place.’ Bless. 

Watch our three-minute time trial ‘Timed Out’, where Hart and co-star Tiffany Haddish divulge their weird former jobs, secret skills and which teachers they had crushes on.

In his latest comedy, Hart plays barbecue salesman Teddy Walker. Forced to attend night school to get his GED, he must befriend a group of oddball students and tackle feisty teacher Carrie (Haddish).

Night School is out in UK cinemas. Feeling inspired? Why not take one of these workshops and courses in London. 

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