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Listen to our playlist of songs about boredom

Oliver Keens

Close your eyes and try to remember a time when we used to say things like ‘Jesus, I’m SO bored’ and would then be free to: a) leave the house, b) see a buddy, c) go to a crap pub with that buddy, d) go to a truly terrible house party after the pub with that buddy, e) go to seven more terrible house parties after that…

Anyway, that’s enough remembering the good old days. For obvious reasons, there’s been a surge of interest in all things relating to boredom lately. Dealing with boredom is an age-old problem, dating back to when Adam and Eve’s stingy mate changed the shared Netflix password. But if you don’t have access to the existentialist canon of Sartre, Camus and Kafka to help you navigate the alarmingly calm waters of boredom, you could do a lot worse than see how singers and songwriters have written about the state of apathetic meh over the years. 

In this playlist, you will hear the plaintive balladry of Father John Misty, kaleidoscopic ’60s pop from Dusty Springfield, narcotically inspired interpretations by Orbital and also a barrage of perfect punk too. Enjoy! 

...and after that, why not take a moment, with our favourite relaxations songs

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