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Lockdown Watchlist with Kristin Scott Thomas
Photograph: Denis Makarenko/Shutterstock

Lockdown Watchlist: Kristin Scott Thomas shares what she’s streaming while stuck indoors

Phil de Semlyen
Written by
Phil de Semlyen

With her new comedy-drama ‘Military Wives’ springing cheerily on to all good streaming sites, Kristin Scott Thomas shares the movies, music and Insta accounts that are getting her through the long lockdown hours.

Movies to catch up on

‘I want to see [Alice Rohrwacher's] “Happy as Lazzaro”. I've got [Russian director] Andrey Zvyagintsev’s films on DVD – he did “Leviathan” – and I'll be watching those. I just watched “Full Metal Jacket”, which I’d never seen, and it was a treat. What we’re going through at the moment is extraordinary and we are lucky to have this incredible library of films.’

Streaming series I’m catching up on

‘Everyone’s talking about “Succession”, so I’ve got to watch that.’

Dream box set

‘Jean-Luc Godard or Jean Renoir, perhaps. I like older films. When I first moved to Paris in the early ’80s, I'd go to the movies all the time. There were about ten cinemas within walking distance of my house in the Latin Quarter. There were all these wonderful little cinemas on the Rue des Écoles and they’d have these little John Huston or Ernst Lubitsch seasons. I’d go and see two in a row.’

Brian Cox in ‘Succession‘
Photograph: Home Box Office

Uplifting movie soundtrack 

‘I love a good soundtrack. The soundtrack to “The English Patient” is extraordinary. It’s not like I’ve seen the film a million times – I’ve seen it maybe three times in my life – but it’s impossible not to be affected by that music. I also listen to the music from Ismail Merchant's film “In Custody” a lot. It’s about poets in India and it has the most fantastic soundtrack. I like “Trainspotting” too.’

Favourite book about the movies

‘At the moment, I’m reading a guide to growing your own vegetables (laughs). I really should read Richard E Grant’s book “With Nails”, though. Richard makes me laugh so much.’

Instagrammers to follow

‘I spend an inordinate amount of time on Instagram. I love looking at Instagram. I love following Questlove from The Roots. Am I into hip hop? Yes and no. I like listening to things.’

Most missed thing about going to the cinema

‘There is nothing better than sitting in a room with people, all expectantly waiting for a film to begin. I think we’re going to come out of this and be longing to experience things together. We’re meant to gather and be told the same story: you’re all feeling the same things – sadness, happiness, fear – together in this one space. I hope we keep coming back to it, because I love it.’

‘Military Wives’ is available to rent on UK digital platforms now.

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