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London bank holiday bingo: how many of these clichés did you live out this weekend?

By Time Out London editors

It’s not often that London gets balmy temperatures and blue skies, but it’s even rarer that the stars align and we have three whole days of sunny weather over a bank holiday weekend. In honour of the hottest early May bank holiday ever, we’ve pulled together a list of all the clichés that everyone is guilty of on a scorching three-day weekend. How many of these things did you do?

1. Complaining about how a ’99 isn’t 99p anymore but buying one anyway.

2. Buying a whole coconut.

3. Opening up all the windows in your sweltering flat and being invaded by bugs.

4. Saying you’re going to the Tate but sleeping instead.

5. Saying you’re going to Homebase to start that DIY project but sleeping instead.

6. Saying you’re going to clean the oven but sleeping instead.

7. Going to your nearest lido thinking no one else will have the same brilliant idea and then standing in a queue for ages.

8. Gardening for the first time in your life.

9. Trying to find a way you can watch Netflix outside.

10. Sleeping in until midday and then being furious at yourself for wasting hours of precious sun.

11. Worrying about how to make the most of the sun and wasting prime sun time in the process.

12. Getting a perfect square of sunburn on your chest and/or back.

13. Getting pissed on Aperol spritzes.

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14. Going for a picnic thinking it’ll be ‘a cheap meal’, but spending £20 on crisps and fancy sausage rolls.

15. Getting day drunk and falling asleep by 7pm.

16. Paying over the odds for a pint just because the pub is by the river.

17. Buying lukewarm G&T tinnies because all the cold ones are gone.

18. Scrabbling for that last available square-inch of park space/beer garden/pavement at the front of a pub without a beer garden.

19. Trying to cook on a disposable barbecue and ending up with sausages that are burnt on the outside and raw on the inside.

20. Having a really great time in the sun because – let's be honest – how often does this happen?

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