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Not enough loos in the city, say 90 per cent of Londoners

Busting for the loo? You're not the only one

Leonie Cooper
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Leonie Cooper

It’s official! 90 per cent of Londoners agree that there are not enough loos in the capital. 

A new report released by The London Assembly’s health committee for World Toilet Day (which is today, so happy World Toilet Day to all who celebrate) has asked that businesses and shops open up their lavs for Londoners to make up for the lack of public conveniences in the capital. 

As well as 91.3 per cent of people saying that the provision of public toilets in London was not adequate, even more said they found it quite difficult or very difficult to find a loo when they were in a part of the city they weren’t familiar with. Some people even said they were less likely to go out in the city for fear of not being able to find a toilet on their travels. 

Chair of the health committee Caroline Russell, said: ‘It is clear from the Health Committee investigation that Londoners have grave concerns about the city’s public toilets being wiped out. The lack of toilets in London is a public inconvenience and closures are worsening the problem.’

A report in 2011 stated that there were only 393 local authority-maintained public toilets in London, a loss of almost 100 loos since the last count in 2000. The current figure of London loos is unknown, which would explain why we’re all constantly pretending we’re looking for a fictional mate in a pub when nipping in at 4pm to casually use their bogs before slipping out unnoticed.   

‘It is simply not acceptable that people are purposefully dehydrating themselves over concerns that they might not be able to find a loo when away from home,’ continued Russell. ‘Some even feel they cannot leave the house at all. Our findings should serve as a wake-up call that having no place to go, can have serious physical and mental health consequences.’

The London Assembly have asked Sadiq Khan to convince businesses to let the general public use their loos as well as calling for central government to make it every local authorities duty to provide and maintain public toilets. Doing the wipe thing. 

30 per cent of London loos are not accessible

Some public loos that are now bars. Good for a drink, bad if you just need a waz.

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