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The Ultimate London Pub Quiz with Time Out and Museum of London
Time Out London x Museum of London

Our Ultimate London Pub Quiz is here: are you up to it?

We’ve teamed up with the Museum of London to find out how well you know your city

Samantha Willis
Written by
Samantha Willis

Chances are you think you’ve had your fill of live-streamed quizzes. Completed all of that in Lockdown 1, didn’t you? How thoroughly wrong you are, friend. You only think you’ve had your fill. Because we can say without a shadow of a doubt you have never encountered a quiz like this.

This Monday, at 7pm, we’re hosting what is essentially the Champions League winner of London quizzes. The Ritz. The Rolls Royce. It doesn't get better or tougher than this.

We put this together with the fantastic folk at the Museum of London. Because when it comes to mind-bending trivia about the capital, who would know better than those guys? They are the gatekeepers of all London wisdom, from prehistoric times to the present.

Call yourself a Londoner? Pfft. Prove it! You might as well be from Watford unless you can take The Ultimate London Pub Quiz and successfully answer the questions in six rounds, which include:

❓ General knowledge
👨‍🎤  Popular culture
🖼️  The picture round
🎡  London landmarks
🚇  The tube
🍺  London pubs

We’ll read out the answers at the end of each round so you can see how well you’ve done. Each round will also feature a special-bloody-guest question – correct answers to those will bag you double points.

We challenge you! Come and ’ave a go if you think you’re London enough.

The Ultimate London Pub Quiz takes place on Facebook this Mon Nov 23 at 7pm GMT.

Need to do some revision before you put yourself to the test? Let the Museum of London give you a London history lesson. 

Want to visit the Museum of London IRL? Be the first to hear when it’ll reopen by following its Facebook page.

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