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Overheard in London: this week’s #wordonthestreet

By El Hunt

 ‘If you’re going to pass out, you might as well pass out and piss yourself.’

I need it to be very melty melty in the mouthy.

‘The thing is, soggy peanuts are not so delightful.

‘Did you just compare Jesus to a Diet Coke?

‘My mouth is chemically complicated right now.’ 

‘Right, I’m going to go and investigate the banana situation.'

‘I’m personally offended by fun-size Mars bars.’ 

Ah damn, you were so up for Butlin’s last night too…

Oh my god, my face is melting off!’ 

If he ain’t in a bucket hat, I’m not fucking that.

Every week you share the weird things you’ve overheard in London. Above, a few perplexing snippets from the past seven days – don’t forget to tweet us your own!

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