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Review: 'Blade Runner – The Final Cut' at Secret Cinema

Review: 'Blade Runner – The Final Cut' at Secret Cinema
Luke Dyson

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe… unless you’ve already been to Secret Cinema presents ‘Blade Runner – The Final Cut: A Secret Live Experience’. The immersive movie event first did the sci-fi classic ‘Blade Runner’ in 2010, transforming an East End warehouse into futuristic LA complete with strippers and snakes (were they real? I think so). It was a blast, and since then they’ve grown much bigger, from the ambitious ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ to the impressive ‘Star Wars’. As with any evolving event, there have been teething problems – but with this ‘Blade Runner’, I reckon they’ve got sussed.

Before the event, I fill in an online empathy test to gain an identity. I try to fix it so I come out as a Replicant (cooler costumes) but I’m a detective in the Replicant Trafficking Division named Vicki Mallory, and must wear a mac and carry various items, including an umbrella. I figure Vicki must go undercover at some point so I cyber-punk it up, and it turns out I was right. When we arrive at the secret London location, our group of VIP ticket holders is briefed by a detective and lead into the heart of rebel land, where we must gather information to report to a police chief, who is a rather good actor, and also gives us whisky. This detective thing is getting better.

As ever with Secret Cinema, the clue’s in the name (even though they now reveal the film in advance), so I'll describe the rest of the experience in broad terms. The setting is exciting, evocative and loaded with detail, featuring numerous rooms and sideshows inspired by the futuristic design of Ridley Scott’s film. Bring that umbrella, especially if you’ve done your hair nicely. While VIP ticket holders may have more initial attention, there’s a great actor/punter ratio, so anyone should have the chance to chat to actors, who are well styled and briefed to fit into the BR universe. Even bar staff are in character and might give you ‘clues’ if you ask. All the public dress up brilliantly (though try not to be behind a Unicorn onesie in the loo queue, you might be there forever). 

Once we sit down to the film, it’s beautifully screened with excellent sound and a lot of action around the screen – more than any Secret Cinema I’ve seen, so keep your eyes peeled. It’s a thrilling experience for a ‘Blade Runner’ fan: in this context, I noticed and appreciated things about the film I never had before. There’s a small party afterwards (bigger on a weekend), but I could have stayed all night. 


Humans queue for 'Secret Cinema presents Blade Runner - The Final Cut'
Luke Dyson


All-in-all this is one of the best Secret Cinemas I’ve been to, and though everyone’s experience is different, there are three rules I always abide by. 1) Get there early. 2) Eat early. 3) FIND THE NIGHTCLUB.

So go, Secret Cinema fans – revel in your time. 

'Secret Cinema presents Blade Runner - The Final Cut: A Secret Live Experience' runs until May 31, tickets from £45 plus booking fee






Bec G

This was an awesome experience. At the beginning i was a little sceptical, but once you get into it and start completing tasks it was so much fun,I was almost sad the movie started. 

Out of all the things we took with us, photos were the most important. We were able to trade our other items for things also ( though we did take way more than was needed)  and it just made the experience better and the crew were really good.

I would recommend a rain coat over the umbrella. I was saturated at the end, but it was a warm day so i didn't mind too much.  

If you are wiling to get into the experience and play along you will love this.

Dan w

They tell you to bring photos- when we entered 2 were taken by the guard and then there was no need for them at all. Why ask people to bring things if they will not be used? Some other guy brought a marker and said he never had to use it. The setup is impressive but in terms of the interactive experience it's really mediocre.

jyothi n

The sets were very well done, the costumes worn by the audience members were great and the pre-promotion material was interesting and that's about it. Everything else was a very mediocre version of immersive theatre. Unfortunately the pre-event information is very detailed and raises expectations about the event. Most of the people i spoke to just repeated the words 'i am confused what am i supposed to be doing?'. The concept is good but it has a long way to go before it becomes worth the price tag.  

elin d

One of the worst experiences I’ve ever had – not worth the price tag one bit. On top of ticket price you will end up spending a fortune on bitter cocktails and overpriced chinese takeaway. The experience you pay for ends up being to get soggy, treated badly by some poor acting skills and scramble for a seat at the end in a hot and stuffy theatre with the bar behind still open so it’s too noisy to even watch the film. To cap it all off the manager (‘Gaz’ – but was too ashamed to let us know his full name) is a smarmy arse who delights in people getting ripped off for an overhyped freak show. Enjoy!