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Surprise! There’s a new arrival at London Zoo 👅

Samantha Willis

Last October, ZSL London Zoo managed to find a male companion for its female tamandua (anteater), Ria. Things moved fast, as they often do in London (it’s more economical to share rent), and after doing some calculations, the team thinks she fell pregnant the week they met.

Several months later, Ria slumped off one afternoon for her usual daytime nap and re-emerged, just as the sun was setting, with a tiny little furball clinging to her back. Much to the surprise of zoo staff, who had noticed her weight gain but weren’t expecting the pitter-patter of tiny tamandua toes quite so soon.

The new arrival, nicknamed ‘Poco’, has been spotted sticking out its long, long tongue (see above), which will grow up to 40cm in length and is used to extract tasty insects from hard-to-reach spots inside branches and holes.

Aww. Hey, little buddy – welcome to the world!  

Want to see the zoo come alive after dark? Head down to one of its Zoo Nights.

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