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Tan from ‘Queer Eye’ solves your fashion faux pas

Isabelle Aron
Written by
Isabelle Aron

From sweaty pits on the tube to what to wear to a wedding, we asked Tan from ‘Queer Eye’ to tackle your fashion-related dilemmas

I get really sweaty on the tube. What should I wear?

‘When I lived in London I found that when I was out on the street I was freezing and then when you go on the tube, because it’s busier than you’d ever want it to be, I was sweating like a beep. So, wear easy layers you can take off easily, not a jumper – a zip-up or a button-up something. Also wear organic. I know that sounds douche-y because it’s expensive but even when I didn’t have money that’s what I did – I went for cotton because it’s more breathable, so don’t go for synthetics. And I know the hottest trend of the season is rubber or plastic, but it’s literally the hottest trend and it’s summer, so maybe don’t wear that even though they’re wearing it on the runway. The runway doesn’t represent real life.’

I’m meeting my boyfriend’s parents for the first time. Should I go formal or casual?

‘Somewhere in between. Don’t go too formal because it’s going to make it seem like you’ve made too much of an effort and you’ll seem stuffy. Don’t go too casual, otherwise they won’t show you the respect you deserve. Also find out beforehand what you’re doing – are you going out or to their house for dinner? If you are going out, maybe step it up. If you’re just going to their house for dinner you can be more casual, but still, don’t wear your sweats.’

I’m going to a wedding this summer, and my ex-boyfriend and his fiancé will be there. We haven’t seen each other in four years, I don’t have a date and I am terrified. What should I wear?

‘Okay, if that’s the situation, you better fucking make sure you look like a knockout. So go get a blow out, don’t cheap out, even if you have to save up for a week. Go to your favourite make-up place and get them to do your make-up for you. It’s to piss off your ex, you should do it. And then make sure your outfit is sexier than you’d ordinarily go. You want to look sexy as fuck. Just show off your best assets. Figure out which part of your body you love to show and show that. Go for something bold. Stand out from the crowd. You don’t want to be a wallflower when you’re trying to get revenge on your ex. And you don’t want to cheap out. You’ve got one chance to make him look at you and regret what he did. Revenge ain’t cheap.’

I only wear black. How can I get some colour in?

‘You may have noticed that in the show, I put prints on people a lot. I love a print! But a lot of people get nervous when they’ve never worn a print. So what I do to tone it down is to use it as a base layer, so I’ll put a printed T-shirt that’s got the tiniest little polka dots and then I’ll put something over that like a blazer or a jacket. If you’re afraid of colour, you can add a pop of colour through your shoes, or a belt or a hat. There’s always a way to introduce colour that’s not too intimidating where you’ve gone from black to fuschia.’

Is there one item of clothing that everybody can rock?

‘Yes, a leather jacket. Everybody needs a leather jacket. If you’re against leather, you can wear vegan leather. But a great leather moto has been around since the ’60s in different iterations and it still stands the test of time. Who doesn’t look cool in a leather jacket?’

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