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Anthony James, 'Lightfield'
Anthony James, 'Lightfield'

The beloved Marble Arch Mound is doing a light show

The 25-metre-tall attraction is getting an LED light exhibition

Written by
Isabelle Aron

Remember the Marble Arch Mound? The artificial hill plonked down at one end of Oxford Street that cost £6 million to build and almost immediately had to close down?

The mound has since reopened, but rather than keeping a low profile after the controversy, the landmark nobody really wanted is now getting… a light show. 

The light show was originally supposed to open in July, but for obvious reasons, it’s now opening almost two months later instead.

British sculptor Anthony James will be taking over the mound’s temporary exhibition space with an immersive light installation. James’s LED sculptures have previously been part of the Mayfair Sculpture Trail this year and in 2020.

His exhibition at the Marble Arch Mound is called Lightfield and promises to be ‘fully’ immersive, with ‘Transmorphic Cubes’ made of stainless steel, specialised glass and LED lights. 

If the pictures are anything to go by, it’ll be very Instagram-friendly, although we can’t say the same for, um, the actual mound.

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