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London Dungeon
The London Dungeon

The London Dungeon now has an OnlyFans account

The sexy side of decapitation, plague and war
Written by
Joe Mackertich

The London Dungeon, easily the capital’s premier dungeon, has created an OnlyFans account. OnlyFans, for the uninitiated, is a subscription service where someone or something creates content for a paying fanbase. A lot of this content is sexy in nature! And imagine: the capital’s premier purveyor of gore, disease and surprisingly informative exhibits about medieval medicine is going to be on it!

The joke, as ever, is on you. The Dunge is doing all of this for one reason and one reason only: to raise money for an exceptionally good charity and to educate people about safe sex during Sexual Health Week. Don’t you feel like a total scumbag now? Sneering at charity.

The account includes both free and paid content for subscribers and uses humour and history to destigmatise the discussion of STIs and sexual health, with all proceeds donated to Brook.

‘Our infamous London Dungeon characters have turned to OnlyFans with a mission to make the scary into sexy and educational, creating hilarious content for fans to enjoy and hopefully learn from,’ said a Dungeon denizen. ‘By shining a light on the misinformation of our past, on the platforms where we’re exploring our sexuality, we’re hoping we can get this new generation comfortable and confident when it comes to talking about sex, having safe sex and getting tested.’

This follows on from the Dungeon’s booze-based vaccination initiative whereby they gave free shots to anyone who’d had their anti-Covid shots. The London Dungeon is the ultimate force for good, prove me wrong.

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