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The most boring event in London is back

Written by
Katie McCabe

Do you get giddy over stamp books and freshly printed train timetables? You are not alone. There are people out there just like you: people who love a good fact about barcodes and London ATMs. People who shun Netflix for reruns of ‘Antiques Road Trip’ and fill Instagram with pictures of shop fronts. How do we know? Because every year, lovers of the mundane gather at Conway Hall for the annual Boring Conference, and the thing sells out every time. 

The format changes annually, but the conference normally involves a series of speakers taking the stage to rave about a ‘boring’ subject of their choice. It was set up back in 2010 in response to the cancellation of The Interesting Conference, and is hosted by James Ward, author of ‘Adventures in Stationery’. 

But this isn’t a day for dullards. It’s about championing the bits of London you won’t find in a souvenir shop, and giving a voice to odd obsessions. It’s a lesson in how to find something interesting about the ordinary. So be boring, and be proud. 

Boring VIII takes place on Saturday May 5 at Conway Hall, find tickets here

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