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Alice Vincent
Photograph: Courtesy of Alice Vincent

The two houseplants experts promise you can’t kill

Written by
Kate Solomon

If you can’t go outside, bring the outside in. Sure, you can throw on another six layers and open the window for an hour a day, but a less hypothermia-inducing idea is to load up on plants.

Not only will they make you feel better for having some greenery around you, but houseplants will also help purify the stuffy air in your cramped flat and look great in the background of all the isolation selfies we have no doubt you’ll be taking. But which plants are going to look good and, y’know, not die?

‘Pothos.’ Alice Vincent, author of ‘How to Grow Stuff’ and keeper of @noughticulture on Instagram, says. ‘Always Pothos. Can’t kill it, and it’ll grow loads. It’s cheerful and beautiful and Pinterest-worthy.’ Obviously, the local garden centre is off limits so hit up plant delivery services like Patch or Grace & Thorn.

Even if your space isn’t blessed with lots of natural light, it doesn't mean you need to abandon your dreams of green, says Alice of shady basement flats. Peace lilies tolerate most light conditions and, when happy, will flower all year round.

Time to get ordering from plant subscription services like Patch

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