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The UK‘s first dedicated immersive theatre is coming to Borough

New immersive theatre venue The Buzz
New immersive theatre venue The Buzz

Immersive theatre has long been a big deal in London. But while scene leaders Punchdrunk have pitched up with shows for over a year, and venues like the Vaults, the Old Vic Tunnels, and Shunt’s old space under London Bridge have hosted immersive and interactive theatre regularly, there has been no venue solely dedicated to the art form.

Until, of course, now.

Opening in Mercato Metropolitano in Borough, The Buzz (yes, that’s really its name) will be the first ever purpose-built venue for immersive and interactive events, and comes from some of the people behind the excellent ‘Alice’s Adventures Underground’ at The Vaults.

It also comes with an eye-catching season opener: an immersive stage version of ‘Thunderbirds’ that will see you join forces with Lady Penelope and Brain to combat the evil Hood after the Tracy brothers are compromised.

‘The Buzz’ is at Mercato Metropolitano in Borough.

‘Thunderbirds: Beyond the Horizon’ runs Nov 27-Jan 27 2019.



Chris R

This sounds brilliant! It's great to see more venues popping up that devote themselves solely to immersive theatre, however I don't believe this is the first or only venue to do this. Just spitting distance from Mercato Metropolitano is CoLab Factory that also provides a home exclusively to immersive events.
Amazing to see Borough turning into the new hotbed for immersive theatre!