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The world’s first invisible cinema is coming to London – here’s how to get in free

By Time Out Film

Picture this: you’ve bought a ticket to the cinema and you’ve taken your seat. However, when the film starts the screen is blank and all you’re getting is the sound. Looking around, everyone else is wearing glasses and enjoying something on the screen that you just can’t see. What's happened? You’ve accidentally walked into the Invisible Cinema.

Yep, you read that right. Although what’s the likelihood of that actually happening? Well, coming to London on Monday November 19 is the world’s first invisible cinema. Commissioned by Santander, its screen uses some fancy technology where the polarisation filters from a bunch of LCD screens have been removed, leaving it blank. However, when you pop on some snazzy glasses loaded with polarisation filters, the images on the screen appear.

Santander commissioned the invisible cinema to deter young people from sharing their bank details online and to promote keeping all your passwords and PINs secret. The film they’ll be screening is the rather fitting con artist scammer movie, ‘Now You See Me’ (get it?).

The Invisible Cinema is at the Regent Street Cinema on Mon Nov 19 at 12.30pm. For your chance to attend, email and request your free ticket. 

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