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There’s a nap bar in London where you can pay by the snooze

Written by
Katie McCabe

How many times have you wished your office had a designated nap zone? Sounds unlikely, until you find out that Google, Uber and Ben & Jerry’s all have snooze spots in the workplace.

Last year, a survey by those Compare the Market meerkats revealed that Londoners are more sleep deprived than the rest of the UK. Now someone has gone and launched a nap bar where overworked, overtired city dwellers can get some much needed shut-eye.

At Pop & Rest you can pay to take a power nap in a private sleeping pod. They provide fruit, tea, a shower and fresh sheets. Single mattresses only, this is strictly about bedtime, people, no sharesies.

It will set you back £9 for a go in one of Pop & Rest’s four sleep pods at its Old Street HQ. Or you could just stick to dream-drooling on the glass panel at the end of the tube seats. Say what you like about the London Underground, but it’s one of the few places an adult can catch a nap in public.

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