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There’s a ‘screamatorium’ coming to Leadenhall Market

City folk! Let it all out with some primal scream therapy in a London landmark

Written by
Ellie Muir

Have the autumn blues hit yet? Do you feel like finding a far corner of the office and letting out a raucous, yawping scream? Yeah, the summer-to-autumn transition can be a bleak, miserable time. Work-related stress starts to mount and the Aperols in the sun get replaced with Nescafés in the glacial office. 

Screaming into the void has a real appeal when you’re overwhelmed, overworked and living through a cost-of-living crisis, too. A new survey of 1,000 office workers carried out for Leadenhall Market found that going for a breather was the most common way for London’s desk jockeys to blow off some steam. Enter the ‘Screamatorium’: a private, enclosed space in the middle of the City where you can yell to your heart’s content. 

From tomorrow, Leadenhall Market is opening its free primal scream-fest, where you can bash out the blues with a whack-a-mole game, find a zen moment in the calming meditation zone, or visit the cake corner with sweet treats from Leadenhall’s patisserie Aux Merveilleux de Fred.  

While there is little evidence to show that screaming actually benefits our mental health, there’s nothing wrong with having a good old yell if you feel like it. A member of staff will be on hand to measure the decibels of each scream and keep a leaderboard. If you can beat the average of 130dB, then you’re a proper screeched. Then it’s back to work, people. Q4 isn’t going to smash itself.

The Screamatorium, Leadenhall Market. Tue Sep 27-Fri Sep 30. 11.30am-7pm. Free entry, no booking needed. More information here

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