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There’s a whole club night devoted to Robbie Williams now

Written by
Nick Levine

Did you catch the mega news about Robbie Williams? Nah, not his Las Vegas residency being extended due to popular demand. And no, not that he’s been announced as a British Summer Time headliner next year. We’re talking about the really, really, gargantuan news: there’s a club night happening that’s only playing Robbie’s songs. Finally: Londoners are being blessed with the possibility to listen to Rozza’s iconic oeuvre for four glorious hours at the Shacklewell Arms on Saturday.

The night’s called ‘No Regrets’, named after the classic tune (not the Dappy one, obvs). It was also the springboard of the whole event: ‘The idea basically came about due to a burning desire to hear the song “No Regrets” really fucking loudly in a club,’ says Conrad Rogan, runner of the night.

It’s not Rogan’s first foray into turning tunes into marathon nights out: ‘I also run an Abba night that was born from just wanting to hear “The Winner Takes It All” in a club, so I guess all club nights should be based around one song with three hours and 55 minutes to fill around it,’ Rogan reckons.

‘I’m definitely a Robbie fan,’ he admits. ‘But in that way that no one is really a huge Robbie fan. He’s just a bit of a tit with some absolute tunes and for some reason you’re always on his side, which I think is a very British trait.’

Rogan’s certainly not wrong that the Robster has some killer tunes. From the euphonic (‘Millennium’) to the euphoric (‘Rock DJ’), the rousing (‘Feel’) to the – er – arousing (‘Sexed Up’), the man’s got more bangers than a Walls factory.

So, Robbie fans, emerge from the darkness and prepare to live out the eternal dream: dancing to ‘Rudebox’ with a sweaty swathe of strangers.

No Regrets: A Night of Robbie Williams’ is at the Shacklewell Arms on Sat Dec 8. It’s sold out, but don’t worry because a sequel night is happening at Moth Club on Feb 22. 

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