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Roberta Maciuleviciute McDonald's manager TYOK
Andy Parsons

Things you only know if you’re a McDonald’s manager

Written by
Danielle Goldstein

…according to Roberta Maciuleviciute, 30.

There’s a Hamburger University in East Finchley

We all go there to improve our knowledge, whether it’s for an apprenticeship or management courses. I started as a crew member and did an apprenticeship straight away, through which I got GCSEs in English and Maths as well as learning the ropes of working for McDonald’s.

The smell of grease grows on you

It doesn’t smell that much, as there’s always AC and extractor fans in the stores to keep that smell out. But when you work in the restaurant every day, you get used to it. It’s a unique smell: whenever you go to a different store, it feels so familiar.

Drunk people leave weird stuff behind

The funniest thing we regularly find in the dining area after overnight shifts is one shoe. It’s like a modern Cinderella story: how can someone leave one shoe in McDonald’s and still get home?

Tourists and Londoners alike ask for some strange things

London has such a mixture of people that even people who live here ask us for things we don’t have. We get people asking for soup and things like that which they’re used to in their country. Spanish, Italian and German people especially ask about beer. Unfortunately, we have to disappoint them because McDonald’s doesn’t serve beer in the UK.

Londoners expect all-day breakfasts

Some people would like to eat breakfast all day, but at 10.30am we have to start serving lunch. We understand the frustration customers have: sometimes you just want an egg muffin!

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