Things you only know if you’re a Starbucks barista

Cassie, Starbucks barista
Andy Parsons

…according to Cassie Fletcher, 23.

Regulars can become mates

One of the fun things about being a barista is getting to know customers well. One of our regulars, who I saw every day for three years, was from Italy and I told her I’d like to go there one day. She said, “Why don’t you come with me next time?” So I went on holiday with one of my customers and we’re really good friends now.

Starbucks has tens of thousands of drink combinations

Because we’ve got different flavoured syrups, milks, decafs and shots, there are more than 80,000 drinks. I once made a drink with 30 or more ingredients! And sometimes if we have a really weird order, we like to make it again afterwards to see what it actually tastes like.

There’s a ten-second rule for espresso

Once the espresso is poured out of the machine, it needs to be added to whatever drink you’re making within ten seconds, otherwise the taste, smell and crema will be affected. If you taste a normal latte against one with espresso that’s waited for ten seconds or more, it’s going to be bitter.

Londoners bloody love eggnog

We have three Christmas drinks – toffee nut, gingerbread and eggnog latte – but eggnog is the one that everybody wants all year round. Even in late March, when we don’t make it, people are still asking for eggnog.

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