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Enda Muldoon, street fundraiser
Andy Parsons

Things you only know if you’re a street fundraiser

By Time Out London contributor

…according to Enda Muldoon, 40.

Fundraisers don’t like the term ‘chugger’ much

‘Obviously it’s not ideal. But sometimes people say it with a big happy smile, so I don’t think everyone knows what it’s supposed to mean.’

Londoners are actually quite approachable

‘We treat people the same no matter how they seem: we never approach someone just because they look friendly, and we don’t avoid serious-looking people. But most people on the street are positive. They generally give you respect for being out there in the heat and the rain, representing the poorest people on earth.’

Working on London’s streets will provide stories you’ll tell for years

‘One time I was working in Hammersmith and a man in a trench coat cornered a group of pigeons, captured one, put it under his coat and walked off up the road. Also, a guy that was working with us once stopped and talked to Thom Yorke. I think, for the rest of his life, every day he’s going to tell someone that story.’

Not all fundraisers work on commission

‘I raise money for Concern Worldwide, and we work on a flat hourly rate: no bonuses and no commission. I don’t know if all other charities with street fundraisers are the same, though.’

You won’t catch two charities competing for a patch

‘We work with other charities and the Institute of Fundraising to make sure that there’s no overlap and that an area isn’t overworked. What I would say is that if you feel like there’s a connection, then stop and chat. It could change your day.’ Interview by Hugh Tucker

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