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Things you only know if you’re an interiors stylist

James FitzGerald

…according to Joanna Thornhill, 38.

In 2019, Londoners are totally over ‘shabby chic’

‘You’ll still go into a chain coffee shop and see a rustic bare-brick wall or distressed wood panels – but now you know that’s been through planning meetings, and it has a really naff feel. Authenticity gets pushed out as the brands move in.’

The fastest way to interior nirvana? Just add fabric

‘The quickest and easiest way to add some colour or personality is with soft furnishings. Throws, cushions, rugs, curtains: that’s all stuff you can get very cheaply if you shop around. Also, if furniture belongs to you, you can coat it with easy-to-use chalk paint or even stick on some wallpaper with double-sided tape.’

Instagram influencers can be a force for good

‘Some people have become famous online for having lovely homes, and even quit their jobs to be full-time influencers. The good thing is that they often cut past the brands and magazines. They don’t suggest replacing everything at once: instead, they’re upcycling and mixing new items with things they already have, with less of a sense of “buy, buy, buy”.’

Generation Rent is suffering from a lack of decent design

‘Back in the day, you’d rent for a couple of years then grow up, buy a house and start caring about interiors. Now, people aren’t buying until their thirties or forties, if at all – so we need to have a mind shift about caring for our rented homes. It’s a missed opportunity for your mental wellbeing if you don’t make a bit of an effort.’

‘My Bedroom Is an Office & Other Interior Design Dilemmas’ by Joanna Thornhill is published by Laurence King.

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