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Think you could join MI5? They’re hiring (and you don’t need any spy experience)

Lisa Wright
Written by
Lisa Wright

Ever watched ‘Mission Impossible’ and thought, easy, I could do that? James Bond? Piece of piss, mate. Well now’s your chance to turn your Gogglebox-style telly takedowns into reality, because MI5 are hiring and they (might, possibly, there’s a slim chance) need YOU.

The security service is currently recruiting new intelligence officers, and the requirements of the job aren’t as regimented as you might think. ‘People from a range of backgrounds and degree disciplines join the Intelligence Officer Development Programme,’ they explain. ‘Safeguarding the UK against threats to national security requires intelligent, talented people and those people aren’t found in any one particular section of society.’

You’ll need a degree or relevant work experience (dressing up as Inspector Gadget for your mate’s fancy dress party sadly doesn’t count). Aside from that, it’s down to your natural smarts, canny problem-solving ability and meticulous mind to get you through the application process.

If you’re successful, then you’ll be put on a two-year development programme before graduating to FULL-ON SPY MODE. Or something. Applications are open now.

Got a rejection letter already? Maybe try an escape room instead. 

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