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Photograph: Coal Rooms
Photograph: Coal Rooms

This is how Coal Rooms makes its giant yorkshire puddings

The restaurant’s recipe has been revealed

Kate Lloyd

Sometimes the only thing that will cure lockdown blues is a big ol’ yorkshire pud and a hell of a lot of gravy. Peckham restaurant Coal Rooms is known for its giant plate-filling ones. As we head into the last few weeks it’ll be acceptably cool enough to eat a roast, before the summer, we asked the team how to make big puds of our own. If your cravings fall closer to smoky barbecue food than big wintry roasts right now, never fear. The lads behind Coal Rooms are running delivery-only joint Fat Boys BBQ while the restaurant is shuttered, serving burgers, ribs and wings to hungry south Londoners. 

Coal Rooms’ yorkshire puddings

What you need 

Plain flour, 250g.
Eggs, 250g.
Full-fat milk, 250ml.
Rapeseed oil or any neutral oil. 
Metal muffin moulds.

(Basically: equal parts milk, flour and eggs. It is better to do it by eye than weighing it up.)

What you need to do 

1. Mix the milk and flour and then add the eggs until combined without any lumps. Pass through a fine sieve and store.

2. Heat up your oven to 215C, add the muffin moulds and heat them up for ten minutes.

3. Add about a tablespoon of rapeseed oil into each muffin mould. (Do not heat up the oil, this makes the mix frizzle and affects the texture of the yorkie.)

4. Put the yorkie mix into a jug or squeeze bottle and pour into the centre of the muffin moulds with about 2cm gap from the top.

5. Close the oven door and leave to cook for 14 minutes. Whatever you do, do not open the oven door until the 14 minutes are up.

6. Take out of the oven and leave to cool in the moulds for five minutes. This hardens the base of the yorkies. That is it: you should have perfect puds. 

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