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This London tube busker started a conga line and it’s pure joy

Written by
Stephanie Phillips

We don’t make eye contact for just anything on the tube, so the news this weekend that a busker inspired a crowd at a busy central London station to join an impromptu singalong and conga line was something to behold.

A viral video shows a crowd gathering around the busker, named as Wilfy Williams, as he plays ‘Twist and Shout’ before segueing into ‘La Bamba’ for an enthusiastic audience.  

The crowd begin dancing in pairs or on their own. As more people arrive, a small conga line forms which quickly gets longer as even more take their chance to get in on the fun.

Twitter user Giles Paley-Phillips shared the minute-long video which went viral on social media, causing both delight and confusion at whether this is the way Londoners should always act.

One tweeter got REALLY enthusiastic:

Another saw the moment as representative of a way forward for peace and harmony (and possibly rhythm): 

Others were more sceptical: 

Looks like it’s a contentious issue, but maybe a new bounce in our step would make the commute go by a little faster.

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