This map shows you the best-value independent coffee at every stop on the tube

In case you’re already flagging a bit after just one week of commuting

Chris Waywell
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Chris Waywell
Deputy Editor, Time Out London

In case you weren’t aware of this, people are coming back into central London. That’s right, good old Zone 1 (as no one calls it, ever) is pretty bustling again, with TfL reporting that passenger numbers were again above 2 million journeys a day, a level they’d not reached since March 2020, the beginning of Lockdown 1.0.

But all that strap-hanging and platform-shuffling can take a terrible toll on you, something a lot of us have also probably forgotten about. There’s an answer, though: COFFEE. Simple as that. Just refuel every hour or so and by the end of the day you’ll be a twitchy paranoid creep, but not nearly as fatigued as if you’d tried to do a whole day in London unmedicated.

With this in mind, and given that everyone is also brassic, Officeology has come up with a brilliant Underground map that shows the highest-rated decent independent coffee shop within easy striking distance of every tube stop on every line (well, the central-ish ones, at any rate).

Not only that, but the study reveals the cheapest line overall for coffee (the Northern) and the most spenny (the Circle). Look! You’ve got a whole complex new criterion for flat-hunting.

Individual props are also due to Coffee Pound at Golders Green on the Northern line, which wins the ultimate accolade of offering the cheapest coffee on the cheapest line for coffee in all of London. Its latte is just a quid.

See the full-size map here. More info on the research here.

There are two brand-new stations on the home of cheap coffee, the Northern line.

The Barbican is getting a huge £150m renovation project.

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