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Women in London earn 28% less than men

By Time Out London editors

What's the difference between being a man and being a woman in London? £13,900 a year, actually. We surveyed 3,000 Londoners as part of the Time Out City Life Index and found that London's gender pay gap is 28%, with men earning nearly £46 a day more, despite only working on average a couple of hours more a week. That means the typical London man could buy himself a Zones 1-3 weekly travelcard every day out of the ‘Extra Cash for Being a Man’ fund.

The gender pay gap in Manchester is 22% and in Edinburgh it’s 26% – so not only do female Londoners earn less than male Londoners, but they’re also relatively worse off than women in other UK cities. Ouch.

Of the more than 3,000 Londoners we surveyed for the Time Out City Life Index 2018, 98.7% identified as either male or female. Of the remaining 1.3%, 0.9% said they were smashing gender binaries and 0.4% said they’d rather not say.

Salaries and identities aside, here are some more subtle (but vital) differences between daily London life for men and women.

London men are more likely to...

Pick up a takeaway

Eat pizza or curry

Go out on a weeknight

Go to gigs

Use Twitter and LinkedIn

Hate cyclists

Complain about traffic

Own property

Feel depressed

Feel like they can’t be themselves

Say they can’t get through the day without a drink

London women are more likely to...


Eat brunch

Eat sushi or tacos

Go to the theatre

Use Facebook and Instagram

Hand in a lost wallet

Worry about homelessness

Rent (or sofa-surf)

Think London is a rip-off

Commute for longer

Feel unsafe

Feel lonely

Feel stressed

Feel anxious

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