Anti-Valentine's Day Party

Nightlife, Alternative nightlife

Time Out says

Want to avoid the canoodling hordes on Feb 14th? Head to this party at ping pong bar Bounce, featuring various fun anti-Valentine's activities.

No couples, no PDAs, no pet names, no sharing dessert and defiantly no winking. This year ping-pong and cocktail bar Bounce is taking no chances at its anti-Valentine's clampdown. Tournaments will include Single and Proud (round the table madness), Cupid’s Day Off (mismatched guests will be chosen for doubles action) and UV ping pong in the venue's Keith Haring-inspired room. There will be strictly no awkward slow dances and very little light in the venue, meaning you won't be able to gaze lovingly into anyone's eyes – but no canoodling in the dark, y'hear? Alternatively, order an extra garlicky pizza to keep romance at bay.



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